About Me

Hello , I am Jestha. I am into investor business. I create a business and controlling quality of my business. My companies are located in Bangkok.

“Getting rich begins with the right mindset, the right words and the right plan.” right plan are not coming from only my self,  Their are coming from people around my self. i just did it.  Their is a reason why i am doing a good business.

3 Mile stone of my life

I was born in warm family. My father is awesome and being my hero in many ways. He can speak over than 5 languages. Japanese, Chinese, Thais, Laos. My mother is very good at saving money, if my mother is not she. I will never ever have this kind of life. My younger sisters are busy but they are kind and smart.

My first business was failed because of my self. I was start my own business because of, i was addicted in online gaming since i was studying in high school. I had 5 shops of internet-cafe in central of Bangkok city. My business was running well at the beginning. It was my fall because of, i was lack of my responsibility.

5 Years later, I start my new business and they are going well. I will never ever fail again.

Their are list of my business.

In Conclusion, I failed my business and i did a good business again so i will never ever put anything into risk.



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